Nike Pickleball T-Shirt

$45.00 USD

We went with NIKE on our performance t-shirts, because there simply is no better shirt in which to play Pickleball!

While this shirt isĀ branded with the Prairie Pickleball logo, it shouldn’t stop you from wearing it when you do ANY activity that makes you sweaty. Like playing basketball, or reading a Stephen King novel, or inviting your mother-in-law to stay with you “just for a week or two,” or jogging. The moisture will be wicked away, and your body will thank you.

THE BEST THING about these shirts, is that they’re “sublimated” instead of screen printed. So you don’t have to worry about the logo cracking over time or in the dryer… it’s like the design is part of the fabric. It’s wonderful. This is truly the Cadillac of sports apparel.

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