Disc Golfin’ Disc

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We stocked up this time, because we very quickly sold out of discs last time! I spoke with our Head Brewer — Michael Lalli — who is not only an expert in brewing cold beers, but is also a very passionate disc golfer. We got FOUR different discs this time — discs that should appeal to both beginners and experienced disc golfers!

If you’re a casual player, you may not care about this info, but I’m givin’ it to ya anyway!

KC PRO AVIAR: It’s ideal as a long life putter, for short to medium drives, as well as accurate approaches.
DX AVIAR BIG BEAD: Another putter option — the benchmark for accurate approaches!
CHAMPION TEEBIRD: A “Must-Have” for any disc golfer — this one is known as a utility driver, and great for flex shots.
HALO STAR FIREBIRDONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE!!! — This is the holy grail of drivers, ideal for headwind drives and big hyzers

***Unfortunately, I CANNOT guarantee you a color! If you have a preference, please list it when you place your order, but these are just a random assortment of colors, and there is no way for us to guarantee you’ll get the color you’re hoping for! I’ll fulfill orders in the order they’re received, so if what you request is available, it’ll be sent your way!***

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